Birthday in Protaras Cyprus

Protaras Cyprus is a beautiful destination spot to feature your exotic summers and enjoy life to its fullest. Here, Baptisms is probably the second most important family function that takes place. If you are somewhere close to this place, then this is the perfect destination to celebrate your Birthday in Protaras Cyprus. The majority of Cyprus people are comprised of two main ethnic groups: Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The tradition plays a vital role in the habitat of the people residing here. Apart from weddings, Birthday are celebrated to its fullest and is a paramount event celebrated here. If you haven’t featured this place, then you should probably take a visit to this destination and celebrate life to its fullest. In this blog, we will have a quick peek towards the cultures and traditions of Protaras Cyprus:

Baptisms Protaras Cyprus:

This is a festival of Birthday that is celebrated by almost every single family residing in Protaras. In this Baptisms festival, Godparents are chosen from a circle of relatives after the birth of the new-born. This festival firms its roots back in the history where Cypriot people believe that their child is assigned to a Guardian Angel, who is going to protect the child forever in the future to come. With no wonders, this festival of Birthday in Protaras Cyprus starts its preparations for months in advance.

Name Days and Birthday in Protaras Cyprus:

This is also a very popular festival in Cyprus celebrated every year with love and joy. Name day often known as Angle days are celebrated especially for children or new-born residing in Cyprus, so if you’re here on this part of the year then you can enjoy this festival as well. On Birthday in Protaras Cyprus, Cypriot people tend to arrange dinner and lunch parties in their backyards or different Mediterranean restaurants in Protaras Cyprus. On the occasion of the birthday , the party or dinner is divided into two parts, one for the adults and one for children. As the tradition suggests, a birthday is lonely without a Birthday cake, so at the end of the party, a traditional birthday cake is cut to boost the celebration.

Cypriot Weddings:

Talking about holidays, weddings in Protaras Cyprus is considered one of the most beloved and extravagant occasions to celebrate. The ritual of weddings in Protaras Cyprus is full of culture and traditions. On this special occasion, people from Cyprus love to enjoy their holidays by featuring the essence of tradition and authentic Mediterranean cuisines. This is something that is considered an everlasting event in every Cypriot family as they relish this holiday by performing a popular dance form know as Kalamatianos.

So, don’t wait too long and book your next holiday destination to Cyprus and experience birthday in Protaras Cyprus with some of the best Mediterranean cuisines and explore the traditions and cultures of Cyprus.

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