The cuisine of the countries situated surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is known as Mediterranean cuisine. The lip-smacking taste of Mediterranean foods makes it popular and goes beyond the geographical boundary. Apart from the taste, the perfect blend of fresh ingredients, spices and herbs have made it one of the famous cuisines in the world. However, for experiencing the original taste of Mediterranean food in Protaras, Cyprus, The Corner Restaurant Flambe is the perfect destination. The quality and taste of food along with the hospitality has set a prime position.

What are the authentic Mediterranean food items?

If trying out Mediterranean foods is in your bucket list, you must not forget to taste seafood paella. Also, cilantrobest Mediterranean food in Protaras, lime chicken, fattoush salad, grilled meat, hummus, pasta, couscous, falafel, baba ganoush, baklava, and mouthwatering desserts. At The Corner Restaurant Flambe, the master chefs cook all these dishes with authentic spices and processes as the natives follow to make their customers introduce with the culinary culture of Protaras Cyprus.

It’s a common myth that healthy foods are not friendly to our tongue. When it comes to Cypriot cuisine, this myth goes completely wrong. The use of olive oil, vegetables, wine, herbs, and spices creates a healthy combination that is not only good to taste but also rich in nutrients.

What is so special about The Corner Restaurant Flambe?

Along with the exquisitely decorated interior, and outstanding hospitality, the flavourful foods have made this restaurant stand out of the others. The menu features dishes from pasta to salads cooked with fresh herbs and ingredients.

For the pasta lovers, it’s an amazing dining destination as here you will find out varieties of dishes made of pasta. Also, a wide array of grilled dishes are available here to make you experience a tummy satiating feeling. The unique aroma and the taste of grilled food items simply make you fall in love with Mediterranean food. The additional attraction is the live cooking station in the dining area of this eatery. Hence, you can feel the sumptuous aroma of freshly cooked dishes that will simply titillate your hunger.


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