Steaks are usually slices of red meat from a rich-quality beef or fish meat, cut into deep slices which are grilled or fried. Steaks are the ultimate delicacies that are famous in all over the world. However, many Mediterranean Suburbs offers authentic scrumptious Steak recipes out of which Protaras being the most famous. Steak is prepared with high-quality and rich beef slices marinated almost overnight with aromatic spices and tasteful ingredients especially lime juice, olive oil and butter, salt, pepper and thyme which are the best components in the preparing of steak. Some renowned restaurants and roadside eateries make the best steak recipes in Protaras. With the tender and fleshy meat slices, the Best Steaks in Protaras are prepared only with the proper marination which gives out the juicy taste for the satisfaction of having the best steaks in Protaras. This stellar piece of heaven can be of many types.

Let us present you some of the best steaks in Protaras:

Below We have mentioned some of the best steaks in Protaras. These are offered in most of the restaurants in Protaras.

1. Beef fillet steak

This steak is the tender and fine beef fillet cut out from the carcass of the lower end of a cow. The fillets are roughly cut into round shapes. These are served with contemporary sides of sauteed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and onion rings.

2. Black Angus Rib-eye steak

Black Angus steak is comparatively more expensive than other steak dishes. As the meat used in its making consists of marbled meat and the fat is extracted out of it before it is cooked. The rib-eye steak is dressed with your favorite sauce and sided with french fries.

3. Juicy beef sirloin steak

the sirloin steak is marinated till tenderized, cut into the shape of cubes. Also served with onion rings and sauteed vegetables.

By now your mouth must have been filled with water and heart thriving to taste the best steak dish. So if you are close to Protaras or planning to visit this beautiful island landscape, The Corner Restaurant is a place you can’t miss to visit. This restaurant serves authentic and the best steaks in Protaras. Get taken away by the punch you get with the most flavourful steak experience you get from the best steak restaurant in Protaras. The delicacies are delicately prepared by our expert chefs to serve the foodies with what they deserve to eat. Nothing but the best steak dishes are prepared for all our delightful customers to match up to their expectations.

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